Sunday, September 18, 2005

Look for this sign on the left, as you travel up towards Harris Hill Park. These trails are for everyone to enjoy, even the pet owners. Leash and pick up after your pet. Posted by Picasa

The obligatory Woodsy shot. It was all woodsy, so get a very good look and remember it. There will be no more woodsy shots. Posted by Picasa

Look for the markers! Even better, go to the Main Website for Tanglewood, and print out the maps for the trails. We definitely would have been happier, had we so done. Posted by Picasa

Picturesque footbridges are the rule here. And each one has hidden creatures luring the nosey dog to seek them out. Posted by Picasa

September 2005. All the creeks are fairly dry. And look the same. Stones. Stones. and many more Stones. Even HuggaMutt wasn't interested. Posted by Picasa

The trails through the meadows are clearly marked. But keep in mind that the trails are rutty and challenging. Posted by Picasa

Halfway There...

This is the biggest, most open meadow. If your buddy is well-trained (GrandDog certainly is NOT), you can unleash the little darling here. (If you came in through the main page, and this is the last frame on the page: Go to the "Rest of the Tour" on the side bar to finish the visit.) Otherwise, continue to scroll down. Posted by Picasa